‘The news’


I know, I know…and it is only the start of my journey…imagine all the gems I will find during the rest of it!

 Four weeks ago today I received the results of my AMH and FSH tests that I had when I was back in New Zealand for Christmas.

Be warned this post will not be fun, witty or quirky…as it is just the plain old facts!  Cue the boringness…

An AMH test essentially tells you your ovarian egg reserve (pretty much roughly how many eggs you have left) and how easy it is to get someone pregnant using IVF.  It does not infer about your egg quality or how easy it is for you to conceive naturally.

Before taking the test my Doctor told me that as it is a relatively new test in New Zealand he was happy to order the bloods but was not happy to analyse the results.  I completely understood, so he recommended a specialist at Oxford Woman’s Health which I was happy about as I had dealt with them in the past.  I got in contact with them to ensure they were ok to receive the results, analyse them and then set up a Skype or phone consultation with me when I was back in China.  It’s always oh, so simple when you don’t live in your home country!

My doctor being the diligent man he is felt that upon receiving the results he had better inform me and since we have an email relationship for the better part of the year (that’s a whole other post!), he of course chose this method to let me know my results.

Here is what I was told:

My AMH “was 2.2.  This is what you would expect if you were aged 40-45.  For your age you should be 8-30. So this would suggest reduced ovarian reserve”

Cue extra long pause for this to sink in, followed by shock (nothing could have prepared me for this), then tears, then phone calls home.

Of course all I wanted to do was GTS, which the sensible part of me shot down pretty much straight away – my inner voice stating ‘I need to talk to the specialist to get the full picture before I start jumping to conclusions and upsetting myself and my parents for no reason’. See, sometimes I can be sensible….but only sometimes!

What I did look more into was the number and what that meant.  With AMH there are 3 bands.  My results put me in at the bottom of the bottom band.  Basically, putting it simply….I’m not going to lie or even sugar coat it…..it puts me in a pretty shitty position.  My only savior was knowing that I was luckier than some others and had options.

What those options were, were still a mystery and unfortunately I was not able to get many answers right away due to New Zealand holidays, clinic condensing and personal events….cue 3 weeks of utter hell also known as ‘The wait’.


2 thoughts on “‘The news’

  1. What was your FSH? I had low ovarian reserve too, Amy, and a low FSH yet still had Esme when I was 43, natural conception. It wasn’t an easy journey at all, but there are things you can do to improve your outlook. Look up the Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine. They are doing amazing things. Getting all the information now can really help you. I’m happy to share my journey and the protocol I put myself on to help my body work better. I’m sorry you’re going through this. It is a tough reality and a long journey but there is hope and luckily lots of ways to become a mother. Love you.


    • Thanks for your message lovely, especially when you are going through so much already! My FSH was in the normal range, however it wasn’t done at the correct timing. I have to adjust a few things and retest that, get a baseline ultrasound and also retest my AMH but that will take a few months. Thanks for the mention of the clinic. I have had so many amazing people recommend places and I will look into it soon. I already have some interesting news from a clinic in Greece. You are right – I am so lucky to be in a world where there are lots of ways to be a Mum and I am so positive about that. Would love to hear your story/ protocol when you are back and ready. Lots of love to you xxx


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