The first door slams shut


At a friend’s birthday a few days after the 1st door was closed – No time to worry or get bitter, it was time to move forward and enjoy normalcy with friends for their celebrations….and eat ‘Fairy Floss’!

Unfortunately, I had my first set back the very next day after sending ‘the weirdest email I had ever written’ to Fertility Associates in New Zealand.

Summer holidays and the Christmas period was over and ‘Island time’ no longer existed in ‘The land of the long white cloud’ so I had an email waiting for me by 10am, my time, the next day.

It held the following information:

  • There is a huge waiting list and due to that fact, they have a policy that states they only accept patients onto their waiting list who reside in NZ.  First strike against me –  but I COULD move back…
  • …or not…Currently the waiting list for a single women is 2-3 years,  Strike 2 – I ain’t got no time for that! My window is 1 year.
  • My AMH is low so I should consider egg freezing – now THAT I already knew.
  • I could access sperm quicker in the USA, as they have plenty of donors as they pay them for their donations – o.k, now there is some direct and honest advice.

No strike 3 , however I think both strike 1 and 2 collectively keep me out of that game.

So…onto the next.

I am sure that this will not be my first set back and there may be many more to come.  However, I didn’t bat an eyelid.  Yes, the news sucked but it did not effect me.  It was apart of my step by step (ooh, baby), process and it was now thrown on the ‘tried and died’ pile. No time to get bitter and worry, for me it was just onto the next option.

Whatever or wherever that may be.



***To anyone who is thinking of using Fertility Associates, even though I was only in cahoots with them for a matter of days, I was super impressed by their website which gave me copious amounts of information and even the best thing (in terms of paper work), I have found to date – an absolute break down of all the treatments, medications, procedures and what they cost and what you would expect to pay, complete with break downs of payment plans and options.

Money has by far been one of the biggest implications of this process and by having that information at your fingertips laid out and not having to chase people or timidly write an email about it was a god send.


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