The small things – make it work for you


Who would have thought that I would be this excited about storage containers!?!

Sometimes there are ‘Rabbit Hole’ moments, that’s inevitable, but for the most part there are what become’ regular’ days.  Days were you get a glimpse of normalcy or ‘The new normal’, gliding through life renewing the old feelings and everyday losing a bit of that numbness feeling until one day you realize that you haven’t thought about fertility all day.  Yippee!  And then you go into throws of panic about what you should or should not have been researching into, reading or moderating during the day.  But sometimes, just sometimes you can use this ‘deficit’ to motivate yourself or use it to your advantage.

What I mean by that is definitely NOT the sympathy card or the poor me card, it’s more like a ‘kick up the bum’ card.  I wish that I was meaning this in reference to moderating things in my life, eating healthier, exercising more or achieving more balance but it isn’t.  It is purely for more selfish reasons…shopping!

A friend recently sent me this article:

I have been lucky and have a gorgeous group of friends who have been willing to share their knowledge and look into things for or with me.  This is one friend who knows a lot  about fertility and since it was an article as opposed to me actually doing any research, I clicked away and read, procrastinating work for another 10 minutes.

It was an interesting read about eliminating BPAs if you are going through fertility treatment.  Randomly, this is something another friend and I had been talking about a few months earlier – eliminating BPA’s in everyday life (not in regards to pregnancy) and also glass vs plastic etc.  I had been meaning to buy some BPA free containers on Taobao (China’s answer to TradeMe or eBay), however as they are imported from New Zealand, obtaining a usable amount was costly and wasn’t high on my priority list.  I wanted to get them in New Zealand when I was home but again they fell low on my priority list after loading my suitcase to capacity with all my ‘year long’ supplies that I bring back from NZ into China each Christmas.

Enter my fertility issues and this article and wham, bam thank you ‘mam, there were no excuses now, I was onto the Warehouse NZ website, taking a screen shot of what I needed and unfortunately for him, my poor Dad got loaded with the task of locating these things and bringing them up in his suitcase when he came to visit at the beginning of April.  Believe me that was the least embarrassing of the things I asked him to bring – that’s another story.  Thank you Dad and don’t worry I did pay him for them!

So finding not only the positives in this less than fun situation but also the things that will work for you isn’t really so bad.

Out with the old and in with the shiny new…BPA free and all!


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