Oh my god, I’m back (in Athens) again…


View of Athens from my hotel on the first visit – not too shabby

…a bit of old school and backstreets boys always helps to lift the mood.

After 6 nights in Berlin, 7 pills for breakfast each day and 2 at night, 1 birthday, 2 gut wrenching and head screwing text messages from my ex and 6 days of my cycle, it was back in Athens to get this not so party started.

No mucking around this time, I had the driver from the clinic come and get me (for a pretty sum), as I landed at 3.10pm and needed to be at Serum by 4pm.  Thank goodness I had done this, as the metro workers had gone on strike that day!  Arriving just after 4pm I was practically the only person there and it was smooth sailing and no waiting as I was whisked up to the 3rd floor, asked to empty my bladder and change into my now favourite left thigh accentuating wrap around.

It was straight into the scan with Penny to greet me – this time only her and Leah the nurse, and I was adamant there would be no tears.  The scan was started and I can’t quite catch a break…

Absolutely gut wrenching – only 1 follicle.  How to hold back the tears with this news?  Somehow I did, I have no idea how but I did – minor win.  There were a few tiny follicles but they wouldn’t be ready in time and one that was borderline so it was no more ‘Mrs Nice Lady’ and we were onto stimulants. Buggar!  Actually, to be honest, as long as someone else was doing it and I don’t have to watch I was completely fine.

Unfortunately I received 3 jabs – 1 blood test in the left arm, 1 shot of Merional and 1 of Cetrotide both in the stomach – thank goodness for the extra paunch I have gotten from all that European food eating, I felt nothing.

With that done, I was handed paper work to look over and told I needed an ECG by the time of egg collection – this Saturday (July 9th at 9am).  I was a bit annoyed at this as I am in a foreign country, have no idea of my way around and had asked before I came if there were any tests that I could do in China before I got here, to eliminate any of this stress and was told I did not need to worry.

I was told to be back at the clinic at 8.30am the next day for another scan to see how the eggs were progressing.

So, I was off, dragging my luggage behind me over the same minute, uneven, cobbled streets to try and find my apartment feeling super weird, slightly like a pin cushion, pumped full of hormones, a little pissed off but more emotional and questioning if I could do this all alone.

What had I been thinking?


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