How do you solve a problem? Meet Maria


Amazing treats greeted me including home made jam (“You will get pregnant if you eat this jam!”), cheese and home grown and marinated olives!

…Yes another altered song lyric.

Feeling the way I was, I was super thankful that this is when Maria came into my life!

Who could have thought that my Airbnb host would be able to lift my mood, drag me out of the dark and turn everything around.  She had guessed from my message that I was doing IVF as she had many other women stay in the apartment doing the same thing.  She had told me that she had accepted me right away when she had realised.

There was a massive gift basket wait for me filled with homemade delights, wine and everything else under the sun.  The homegrown and marinated olives are too die for and the best I have ever tried.

The apartment is just what I needed – air conditioned, balcony (covered and has an amazing breeze), hammock and table and chairs on the balcony, good kitchen, fabulous bed, washer, great wifi and other small features galore – like all the masses of herb pots that she encourages you to use and “you must make spaghetti”!

She gave me incredible advice on islands to visit for the day and how to ensure I rest up – where the supermarkets were and good homely food that I could take away if I need to or for when I could not cook.

She was a ball of energy and so excited to be helping me along the way.  She claimed that everyone who stayed in the apartment had gotten pregnant and that her homemade jam  would be key to help me get pregnant.

There were plenty of hugs and stern reminders that if I needed anything, ANYTHING I was to call as “doing it alone is not easy and I do not want you to ever, EVER think you are alone”.  After I proclaimed how amazing this all was and that she really did not have to do half of it, she stated “But it’s the way of the Greek’s, there is no other way”

She even works for her sister just down the road, who specialised in holistic treatments – Reiki, massage etc to help get the body ready for accepting an embryo/ pregnancy.

It’s crazy how life works out sometimes.

Thank goodness for Maria.


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