Feeling ‘normal’


This is actually cheating, as it is a picture of me fresh off a flight from Athens and about to go and have another date with the Italian! However it’s still a date shot!

During the lead up to my departure I went through 2 weeks where my life seriously could have been written as a TV show drama script and sold to the highest bidder.  Looking back I can’t quite believe what went on over those 2 weeks but I have no interest into going into that side of things on here, however, know that every aspect of my life (bar work), was in complete and utter disarray and for someone who hates drama, it was like I was it’s magnet and no matter what I did it was attracted to me.  Thankfully I had already had my meltdown a few weeks before, so handling this only cost me a day of wallowing while nursing a bad, well….atrocious hangover.

It was during this time I happened to meet someone who wanted to take me on a date (well, lets be honest here…I was like ‘f*%k my life’ after more than a few drinks and I had decided to ‘play’ Tinder…usually not my cup of tea at all).

Previous to the date, I had worried of course….what was I thinking, I couldn’t do that to someone, if he asked how my week was, I am the WORST liar…I would stumble and then I would be like “Well, I had acupuncture, I went to yoga and swimming and counselling and I sorted out my insurance and I had to book accommodation and I had to monitor my cycle and send countless emails about my fertility and menstrual cycle and I also wrote a blog post about what I am going though”. Oh yeah, heart throb of the year, right here.  How could you lie to someone about what you have been up to?  Is it lying?  Is it omitting the truth?

Thank god for my brother, who told me “Look, you have had the most shittiest week, there is absolutely nothing else that could go wrong, so why the hell not go out with this guy.  What’s the worst that could happen? Nothing, because all the worst things have already happened” and he proceeded to laugh his head off, with me along for the ride too.

So I dressed up, washed my hair and went along to a place I hadn’t yet tried but had always wanted to, to meet this guy.  As I was crossing the road, I spotted what I thought was him waiting outside the alleyway to the restaurant.  Quickly looking away I began to cross the busy road and as I looked up again I saw him walking the other way down the street away from the restaurant.  ‘Oh god!  Justin – you were wrong….there are worse things that could happen!  He has seen me and ‘done the bolt’.  Jeez….my life!

No!…I thought, proceed to the restaurant and see what happens, worse comes to worst you order a drink, smash it back, pay and leave….no harm done.

Ahhhh, China, that is not quite the way it works here and upon finding my way into the restaurant they did not understand a word I was saying and I was left standing by the bar looking like an idiot.  So I retreated outside and sat down on a small brick fence surrounding a tree and did what anyone else in my situation would do, I pulled out my secret weapon….my cell phone.  Whoops….another China special – delayed messages and there was one coming through from him 10 minutes previous about already being at the restaurant.  About to send him another message back, I looked up and there he was.  It was the guy who had walked away but he was back!

We went in, had a lot of laughs, some fabulous food, got spoilt rotten with free Prosecco and limoncello (he knew the chef) and he even served things up for me!  What a gentlemen.  Then while I was in the bathroom he even paid!  Definitely not used to that old trick!  I was seriously feeling amazing and totally spoilt rotten.  Add to that the fact that when we parted ways he grabbed my hands in his and told me that I MUST keep in contact and the we would do drinks this coming Saturday at a nearby rooftop bar.  Talk about stunned – wow!

I don’t remember the last time I felt ‘normal’.  I could be myself without this cloud hanging over me, this person had no idea what I was going through, I could relax and forget all about what I was having to organise, sort out and deal with on a daily basis and just have fun.  It was glorious.  I don’t think anyone will really understand just how glorious. No pitying faces, no overcompensations, no chat about ‘it’, nada.  I could just be me.

It remains to be seen whether we will end up friends or anything more but just to have that one glorious night of normalcy meant more to me than I can explain.

Thank god for dates with Italians.


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