Agistri – good for the soul


The gorgeous and “less windy” Dragonera Bay, Agistri where the bronzed adonis took me for an evening swim

3 nights on Agistri was just what I needed to process all of the emotions and to get my head around what had happened.  Who knew what would happen next – it was all a bit insane.

With shaking hands I did my injections and was extremely proud of myself, I relaxed by the ocean with stunning views, swam off rocks in crystal clear waters and ate loads of incredibly fresh seafood.

My arm decided to show its protest of having copious amounts of blood tests and came out in black and blue bruises, complete with red marks and scratches – I swear anyone I met probably thought I was a drug addict!


My ‘drug addict’ bruised and scratched up arm – I think by this stage I’d had 6 blood tests in it.

It must not have looked too bad (and me with my IVF bloat and face full of hormone spots too), as the waiter, a very friendly and not bad looking Albanian asked me to come to the other side of the island with him, on his break, to catch the afternoon sun at a beach there that had “less wind”.  Still in shock and after living in China for too long with my confidence shot, I said ‘maybe’, fully intending not to go.  I even went for a ‘nap’ and hid in my room – such a chicken!  Even my friends were telling me so.  Why are there no men like this in Beijing?

Seeing him at dinner, I asked how his swim had gone and he told me/ guilted me that he hadn’t gone, as he had no one to go with.  I had to laugh.  After a few wines/ dutch courage and my friends egging me on, I resolved that if he asked tomorrow I would go.

Cue the next day at lunch, after an amazing morning soaking up the sun, reading and swimming, he was still in great spirits but there was no mention of going again to the other side of the island.  With my atrocious flirting skills and lack of confidence I was getting nowhere, so I decided to cut my losses and leave it – I was going through too much anyway, right?

Late afternoon as the sun disappeared behind the hill, I swam across to a jetty that still had sun with my book and lay and read – IVF stomach exposed and all!  Next thing you know, a bronzed adonis (the waiter), swam up and pulled himself up on the jetty next to me.

Awkward!  I was so embarrassed but then decided to own it.  We chatted for a bit and finally I thought ‘F#$k it’ and clearly hinted about going around the island and next thing you know I was on the back of his motorbike, cruising around the island heading to placid and wind free- Dragonera Bay.  It was simply stunning, we pratically had it all to ourselves and it was heaven.  He was a great guy and we had a lot of laughs.

It was a fabulous day and night and I left Agistri in an even better mood than when I got there and that was a hard feat after what had just happened before I left.

Gotta love an island escape!


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