Last view of Agistri from Rosy’s – amazing accommodation

As you can imagine, leaving Agistri was tough but wanting to see how my follicles were going and what was going to happen next dragged me back to the mainland early on that Friday morning.

Dropping off my bags I was able to head straight to the clinic and it was even more amazing news…

Not 1, not 2, not even 4 BUT 5 follicles…..ALL at the same size (7mm).  All still too small but with more stimulants it looked like an extraction would be able to happen the following Friday with the transfer the Monday after.  So I was again armed with a bag of meds and needles.

All I was doing was walking around in a daze.

I had to keep my fingers crossed for them to still keep growing at a good pace and to stick around!

It was Friday and I had to be back in the clinic for another scan on Monday first thing.

Now, I had to go back to my accommodation to rebook flights, email my boss (eekkk!),  sort accommodation and write screeds of sub plans.

What an absolute turn around. Bodies are amazing things….who knew!?


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