Jump on board…it’s a bumpy ride


The view over Athens towards the Aegean sea, early morning, from the hill behind my Airbnb

As everyone had their first day back at work after the October break I made the same journey to the clinic to find out what was going on with my ovaries.

What a roller coaster ride.

After my scan the right side was showing 2 eggs, both measuring 14mm and the left side had 2 eggs of ‘ok’ size – one was bigger (15mm), than the other.  So it was more waiting to see how this played out and ‘who the heck’ knew what happened to that 5th follicle.  The best outcome would be that the bigger follicle did not turn out to be another cyst.  I was just not sure that was something I would be able to handle after all these ups and downs.

My lining was looking great, so that was a minor win – believe me, after doing more reading and research later, it turns out that sometimes it is no mean feat to get that lining in a good place, so I was definitely elated at that not being an issue this time around.  This well and truly was my proper cycle.

I had to have another day of stimulants – at this point we were playing it day by day depending on this slightly oversized egg.  Accompanying the usual suspects of 2 x Merional and 1x Altermon I had an added bonus of another injection – Cetrotide.

Cetrotide has another set of magical powers that it provides – it slows the natural ovulation process to allow the eggs to grow to an optimum size and to ensure I do not lose them along the way.  This was another injection I had to add to the self administer mix and my god it was another process altogether.  You should have seen this packaging and the needle – and I thought mixing 3 powders into one needle was bad enough.  This now brought the injection total to 3 a day.  Let’s not forget the blood test I needed to have to measure my oestrogen levels.  This needle phobia of mine is truly getting an ass kicking.

I was lucky enough to be able to seamlessly change my flight with a small fee and also my Airbnb hosts had been awesome and gladly extended my stay.  Because the place I was in was booked for the next few nights, they put me in the ground floor studio and when it was available again I went back to my original place until I would leave – that is, if the timeline was correct and my follicles played ball.  So thankfully I have not much to worry about in terms of lugging heavy things around at the time of my transfer etc, if that goes ahead.

Waiting for this scan over the weekend had me a bit stir crazy and when writing a weeks worth of sub notes was in front of me, I decided that procrastination was the name of the game and I got up early and went for a walk up the hill nearby and was greeted with spectacular views over Athens.  It’s amazing what you can find in this awesome city – it just kept getting better and better – thankfully.

My next scan was the next day at 10am – yep, it was back to the daily scans, no more island escapes for me.

What will be the next twist and turn on this roller coater ride?


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