Needle phobia = not so conquered


The daily self administering mess of 3 stimulants and 1 ovulation procrastinator

It’s amazing what daily scans can do and how much things can change in less than 24 hours.

It was celebrating time again as my lining was according to Penny looking “excellent” – yay!

The 2 eggs that were present on the right side were ‘almost there’ measuring in at 17mm….they need to be 18mm.  Of the 2 on the left side – 1 is ready at 18mm and the other was too small.  From 0 follicles to 5, now down to 3 – I just had to keep my head up and fingers and toes (and all the other crossable body parts), crossed.

So, it was 1 more day of stimulants, although I kind of had a ‘holiday’ from them that day as the nurse did them for me, however when she went to take blood from my bruised right arm (another measure for oestrogen), nothing came out.  This was just amazing (read the sarcasm), for me and for the first time ever, I got extremely nauseous and dizzy and had to smell cleaning alcohol before she could try my even more bruised left arm.  Thankfully it worked.  She made it very clear that she was annoyed at the previous people who had taken my blood because of the bruises they had created and the vein ‘breaks’.  (Even months later, writing this still makes me extremely nauseous thinking about that empty needle in my bruised arm, the broken veins and the sick feeling I had). Again, thankfully after about 10 minutes, I came right with no vomiting.  Needle phobia = not so conquered.  I just had to get through 1 more injection that I needed to self administer later that day.

Once again I needed to go back the next day at 9.30am for what would hopefully be my last scan and then they would give me the ‘mamajamma’ of all shots – ‘the trigger shot’, which would mean that I would be on schedule for a Friday ‘harvest’.

I thought that I had been lucky and had managed to escape too much of a ‘stimulant bloat’ but my stomach had decided to join the party along with hormone pimples and humidity hair (it had decided to rain), so I was left feeling incredibly glamorous.

Rain gave me an excuse to relax and after my work was done, I was able to chill out so I was grateful for that, however I was looking forward to a day out and about the next day before I may not able to go very far.  My Athens ‘plan of action’ that I had put in place before coming did not cover extra time , so I was glad that I still had not gone to the Acropolis or museum again, or picked up the souvenirs that I had planned to get – something to fill the increased time.

Roll on the next injection…


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