A needle phobics guide to injecting stimulants

While doing my second round of IVF in Greece, it occurred to me that to truly try to document this process (without being super invasive), I needed to record not just photos of my medications and needles but I needed to also video what I had to do each day for everyone to get a true picture of what life was like.  Also, if it helps someone like me along the way or someone about to do the same, that is brilliant.

I thought that the best way to explain to everyone exactly what I had to do each day for just 1 of my injections was to film it.  Excuse the terrible filming as it was done by myself (with the help of a pile of magazines, a tv remote and a coffee table!) The things I did during this journey when you are doing it alone – it’s all a bit hilarious!

This is a video of the daily tribulations of prepping and injecting IVF stimulants.  I did not record my 16 weeks of daily clexane, as I thought the stimulants were more of a process and really show what people going through IVF have to deal with…especially if you are a needle phobic like me.

I still can’t quite believe that this was actually me doing this and being so matter of fact about it.  You can smell my fear though!  Nervous laughter anyone?

Enjoy and apologies for all the swear words….I was s*&ting my pants the whole time (and every day and time I did it before and after this).  The ‘Cetrotide’ one at the end is a bit comical as it was the first time I did it and you get my real reactions.

Thanks goodness for no more daily injections!


One thought on “A needle phobics guide to injecting stimulants

  1. Oh Amy congratulations and well done for sharing your journey with others. It was also brilliant to see and hear my good friend showcase her strength and determination to become a Mum. xx


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